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For CLOSE MIC applications we recommend the DPA 4099 series of clip on discreet microphones. The gooseneck (140mm) allows accurate positioning on the instrument and the supercardioid capsule allows high gain. There are different mounts available for strings (including cello, double bass), guitar, brass, woodwind, piano, and drums. Wireless Microdot adapters are also available for wireless connections to Shure and Sennheiser radio systems.


For Ambient Mic recordings we recommend either the established DPA 4006 Omni microphones, or the Earthworks QTC40 matched pair OMNIs. - ideal for A-B Stereo recording. In addition the Schoeps 'Collette' series of microphone capsules paired with the CMC5/6 preamplifier body make a highly accurate and transparent classical recording microphone. The frequency response is almost entirely flat accross the entire audio range for a recording free from coloration. Examples include the Cardioid MK4, Omni MK3, Shotgun MK8.


For Surround Recordings we recommend the Holophone H3-D. Pre-positioned microphones built into the head enable easy capture of a 5.1 soundscape.

flute player in studio
concert piano with microphones
dpa 4099 on violin