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For guitar cabinets we can recommend the industry standard Shure SM57.

It's extremely durable and rejects noise from the sides and rear to help your guitar cut through the mix.

Other choices are Sennheiser E606, Beyerdynamic M88 or AKG C414XLS.



There are many different choices for drum microphones.

Those on a budget can choose a Sennheiser Evolution Drum Kit pack. This includes clip on E604s for snare and toms, E602 for Kick and E614 condensors for overheads.

A popular combination for kick drums is the Shure Beta52/Beta 91. The Beta 52 has excellent low end response whilst the Beta91 can sit in the drum and get the attack/punch.

Other popular microphones for drums include....AKG D112/C480, Beyerdynamic Opus, DPA 4099, Sennheiser 421.



Typically the low end response of kick drum microphones also work well on bass guitar cabinets.

The AKG D112/Shure Beta52 combined with a DI box can achieve a good range of tones.



For high quality live vocal applications we reccommend the Shure KSM9. It features a switchable cardioid/supercardioid capsule and delivers precise and articulate vocal reproduction rarely found outside of the studio.

The Neumann KMS104 is another high quality live vocal microphone with a cardioid capsule.

We also stock the industry standard Shure SM58 and Beta 58.

live singer with sm58
akg d112 micing bass drum